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Contact Nos - wbb

Contact Nos

WBB Bahrain : +973-17505175, 17505156
Retail Branch Bahrain : +973 -17548033

Purpose codes - wbb

Purpose codes

CBB has mandated the use of purpose codes for all cross border transactions. Please refer to details given in the following links
Notice for Purpose Codes
Purpose Codes – Disclosure Document
Purpose codes in Arabic

VAT Registration - wbb

VAT Registration Certificate

FATCA - wbb

FATCA W-8BEN-E Form of SBI Wholesale Bank Branch, Bahrain
FATCA CRS Form - Entity

Data Consent - wbb

Data Consent

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Buyers credit

Short Term Finance, up to 360 days** Short Term Finance to Indian Importers to facilitate import of raw materials, machinery etc. The credit is extended in USD and other major convertible currencies against Letters of Understanding from Domestic Branches of SBI/Branches of First Class Banks in India.

Benefits of availing this facility with us:

  • SBI Bahrain is in an extremely convenient time zone and location, which enables us to do real time transactions with our clients correspondents spread across the globe. In fact as we are around 21/2 hours behind IST, we are open even after Indian Banks close for the day.
  • Minimum processing time.

How to avail this facility:

  • The LOU issuing Bank/ Applicant request for a Quote in the attached application form.
  • The LOU issuing Bank/Branch should send authenticated SWIFT in the attached format (Annexure 1)
  • The LOU issuing Bank/Branch should send authenticated SWIFT in the attached format (Annexure II/Annexure II)* (Acknowledgement of debt), after having availed the facility.

Subject to:

The above, as also necessary RBI permission, wherever required.

*Annexure II for SBI, Annexure III for other Banks

**From Bill of Lading Date