Dealing and treasury

The Dealing Room at SBI, Wholesale Bank Branch, Bahrain is one of the active dealing rooms of State Bank of India which is fully equipped with state of the art tools like Reuters, Bloomberg and BARX platform along with other tools of communication. It operates around 12 hours a day (opens at 6.30 A.M.) i.e., it opens early in the morning to take advantage of the location of Bahrain in the convenient time zone. By starting operations at 6.30 A.M. (0330 GMT) we cover Far East, Indian, Middle East & European market and remain active until New York market opening to watch currency movements.

Dealing Room operations at SBI Bahrain consists of the following:

  • Money Market Operations (overnight & term)
  • Derivative Products ( for Banks & Corporates)
  • Jobbing & trading activity in all currencies
  • INR sale to Exchange Houses & other Banks
  • Trading in US Treasuries