AboutUs-SBI in Bahrain


State Bank of India, Bahrain, was established in January 1977 as an Offshore Banking Unit, with a vision to synergize the trade and industrial business related banking requirements between Indian and the Gulf. The Offshore Banking unit was started to cater to the business needs of customers from all over the Gulf and other parts of the world except Bahrain. The branch is now named as the Wholesale Banking Branch (WBB)  and has grown in size in terms of business volumes and profits.

The Retail operations of State Bank of India started with the setting up of the Retail Branch on 2nd January 2007. Over the period, the Retail Banking Branch (RBB) Has grown to have a respectable standing among the Retail Banks of Bahrain. The branch has a total customer base of over 20,000. The branch caters to the banking needs of the Corporates as well as Individuals through its corporate Banking and Retail Banking division. It also supports the Non Resident Indian community in Bahrain by providing NRI Services.